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I am running because the people of Whitman County are struggling to afford a decent life. We need a county government that supports our working families and businesses - one that gives them opportunities to achieve their dreams.


Poverty is, at its core, an issue of freedom. If you are poor, you do not have the same access to healthcare, education, and opportunities as people who are well-off financially. Simply put, if you live in poverty and do not have the opportunities to escape it, you have less access to the world, and thus fewer freedoms than other people. I believe that it is the responsibility of the county and of myself to ensure that everyone living here has the freedom to succeed. I will promote our county government as an important local stakeholder in tackling these issues of poverty and homelessness. In addition, I will prioritize ensuring critical safety nets for families in need. 


The private depends on the public. Public education prepares students for the labor market, our bridges and roads transport the workforce to private ventures, and publicly funded police and fire departments protect private property from hazards both manmade and natural. Public resources make private life possible. Whitman County has both critical and non-critical services which must be funded. This infrastructure is crucial to Whitman County: law enforcement, emergency response, healthcare, and public transportation all need proper funding.

Balance Development and Protecting the Palouse 

I will continue to champion a clean, healthy, and safe environment for ourselves and our children: water you can drink, air you can breathe, and food that is healthy and safe. 

We must preserve our county's natural wonders for future generations, and rehabilitate any lands that are in decline. I support community groups like The Phoenix Conservancy and local conservation districts that make it their mission to restore our ecosystem. Additionally, common sense zoning and development can ensure that our community has plenty of room to grow. Several municipalities have found great success in moving away from or completely rethinking their single-family zoning laws. This has the potential to increase home production and lower housing costs. I support the strategies addressed in the Palouse Regional Housing Assessment Guide.


Our Values

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Meet John-Mark

A fifth-generation resident of Whitman County, John-Mark loves to call this community his home. John-Mark is the great-great-grandson of Thomas Jefferson and Martha Jane Robinson, homesteaders in the Oakesdale area circa 1884.

“I fondly remember summers as a child, playing at Grandma Alice’s house, or on Aunt Martha and Uncle Fred Rohrbach’s farm outside of Oakesdale, helping in their garden, doing daily chores, mowing lawns, and cleaning outbuildings. They instilled a healthy respect for the land and the benefits of a job well done, which are a huge part of what makes me the man I am today. I think they would be proud of my decision to live and run for commissioner in the county they loved and chose to make their home.” - John-Mark