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Letter of Support - Cherie and Dennis Warner

May 2022 - Whitman County Commissioners are the county’s key policymakers, responsible for overseeing the county’s management and administration, assessing the needs of county residents, communicating the county’s interests to state and federal officials, participating in planning for the future of the county and managing the county’s finances.

Professionally, Candidate John-Mark Mahnkey is the owner of Marquee Productions, a Pullman-based audio production company that provides voice-over and production services. He is also employed as Production Director at KHTR-HD2 radio. His employment puts him into direct contact with a number of county residents and provides a setting where they can discuss their questions, interests and potential problems with him.

Major concerns of John-Mark relate to the issues and needs of the citizens of our geographical region. According to the US Census Bureau, Whitman County remains the most impoverished county in Washington, with a poverty rate of 25.4% [as cited in the US Census Bureau) and thousands more struggling to meet their monthly living expenses. Our county needs a commissioner who is ready to focus attention on finding ways to alleviate problems of poverty and its related impact on our citizens and friends. In John-Mark’s words, “I am running because families and residents of Whitman County are struggling to afford a decent life. We need a county government that supports our working families and businesses while giving them opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams.”

We believe that John-Mark Mahnkey is an outstanding candidate for the position of Whitman County Commissioner. We have known him since 2018 when he was delivering political pamphlets to our door. Our older daughter, Lisa, had recently passed, and instead of focusing on his intended political aim of introducing himself as a candidate for Commissioner, he spent an hour just sitting on our front steps listening to our expressions of grief. Later we learned from our younger daughter, Chelley that she knew Mark because they were classmates all four years at PHS and graduated together in 1987.

Personally, John-Mark is a people person who cares about individuals and families. He has had a professional background with several companies that have strengthened his qualifications to be successful at the county level. He is technologically savvy making him a strong advocate for small businesses. In fact, most of his experience has been at the small business level. He is compassionate; he listens to people and their personal concerns. When you talk with John-Mark, you have his full attention. He is focused on what you are saying, not preoccupied with other thoughts. He is sensitive to the needs of the individual and the family. He is young and energetic and will bring a fresh viewpoint to the position. John-Mark is genuine. In the early years of technology there was an acronym describing a genre: WYSIWYG—“What you see is what you get.” That is who John-Mark is; he is who he is; he does not speak rhetoric or make promises to impress. He will listen to his constituents and work for them.

John-Mark knows the Palouse landscape both literally and figuratively; that is, he travels around the back roads of the County meeting and talking with people, and he has lived in Whitman County a major portion of his life aside from a brief sojourn in Tacoma. In earlier years, he worked the land at harvest time building a love for this area. He is a family man; he has the necessary experience; he loves the land; he loves the people, and when compassion is the motivation, there is no better qualification.

In all our associations, we have found him to be serious, conscientious, and highly competent, and we enthusiastically recommend that you vote for him in the upcoming 2022 election. Please join us in voting for John-Mark Mahnkey for Whitman County Commissioner in November.

Cherie and Dennis Warner

Pullman, WA

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