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Letter of Support - Eric Fejeran

Mahnkey’s sense of community

When I rang the doorbell, and even before his “hello,” John-Mark Mahnkey asked me my shoe size and grabbed some fuzzy slippers for me to wear after I take off my shoes. “Slippers for guests, now that’s an idea,” I thought to myself. It’s probably been five years since I wore a pair of slippers — I used to put them on after coming home from a long day of work … it reminds me a lot of home.

Whitman County is home to many wonderful people. I learned late in life that you have the opportunity to create your own family and home, and I believe Whitman County is a perfect place for doing just that. From the Pullman Industrial Park to the sprawling Palouse farmlands, Whitman County is a unique mix of urban and rural life and culture.

But home is more than what’s on the outside: home is a sense of belonging, and that sense of belonging comes from the people who live there, like John-Mark Mahnkey. John-Mark wants to make everyone who comes to Whitman County feel at home whether you’re a student pursuing a degree in computer engineering, a young family looking for a place to live with great schools for their kids, or a senior hoping to enjoy the pace of rural county life. John-Mark has certainly made me feel at home here in Whitman County. As a young man with no college degree, life’s journey might take me elsewhere in the future, but folks like John-Mark have made Whitman County a home I will always be welcome to return to. That is why I am voting for John-Mark Mahnkey for Whitman County commissioner. Please join me in doing the same.

Eric Fejeran


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