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Letter of Support - Lorie Eide

June 4, 2022

Dear editor,

My name is Lori Eide and I’m a Whitman County resident. I love all things Palouse and am a huge WSU fan… go Cougs! I’m writing you today to show support for electing John-Mark Manhkey, as he is running for Whitman Country Commissioner, District 3. I’ve lived in Washington state for 34 years, and last year my husband and I purchased a new family home in Pullman. For Cris, who grew up here, the Palouse has always been considered his home. After graduating from WSU in the 90s, he joined the Army and left the state to serve our country abroad for 10 years. Cris met John-Mark in middle school, as they became fast friends and have remained very close ever since. They were best friends from middle school all the way through college. As adults, they’ve been the best man for each other’s weddings, they’ve been co-workers in the past and present, and now that they live in the same town once again, regularly count on one another to lend a helping hand.

Having recently returned to Pullman after many years of living throughout the state and most recently the Tri-Cities, I’ve come to understand the benefits of living in Eastern Washington. Yet, I find myself regularly seeking answers to further my understanding of the unique political climate that goes along with being a Palouse resident. For these answers, I often look to my friend John-Mark, to help me understand the complexity of the needs of families in our community. I have trust that he will listen to citizens from all backgrounds to provide the balanced leadership that our diverse regional needs.

John-Mark, a Whitman County resident who grew up here and a life-long friend of our family, knows a lot about Whitman County and the Palouse. He was born and raised in Oaksdale and has called Pullman his home for over the past twenty some years. From the time since I’ve known John-Mark, I’ve come to learn that he is an Eastern Washington history buff. Having his family residing on the Palouse for generations, he finds joy in having regular conversations about the history of life as it pertains to all kinds of topics. Topics, including railway history, agriculture, commerce, and 19th century life, which his wife Denise has a passion for documenting in scrapbooks that she eventually plans on donating to the local historical society.

In my opinion, the candidate whom we elect to represent Whitman county should be well integrated into the community. John-Mark represents just that – he gives freely of his time serving on a number of local boards, and he is a member of multiple civic groups and historic organizations. Because John-Mark is so deeply connected with our community and has been for decades, I highly recommend he be elected for the County Commissioner position, District 3. I definitely know from personal experience that John-Mark has a unique way of looking towards the future of Whitman County, while being mindful of the past.

In closing, my vote is with John-Mark! Thank you for giving me this opportunity to share my story.

Warm regards,

Lori Eide

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